20 Chef-inspired Meal Prep Ideas

The Ultimate Guide [Non Meal Preppers will LOVE] for Getting a Week of Cooking Done in One “Prep Sesh”

Forget everything you've heard about meal prep. If you want to eat the same thing over and over, THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. But, if you're ready to set yourself up for an entire week of creative, delicious meals (that take 10 minutes to assemble at dinnertime!) you need this cheat sheet.

Are you ready to set yourself up for an AMAZING food week?

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Download the Guide Now and Get the Details on How to Meal Prep Like a Total Kitchen Pro, Including:

  • How to set your kitchen up like a chef (don't worry – you don't need to go shopping!), so your space is ready for you to cook, stress-free.
  • How to actually enjoy the process of meal prep AND the food you'll make from it (bye bye matching bento box style meals).
  • The exact system I use for prepping INGREDIENTS (not meals) for a week of creative, quick cooking.
  • Zero-waste tips for using good food you might be throwing away as scraps!

Hey there! I'm Allie... 

Busy mama, in the trenches with you, working hard to put together the puzzle pieces of picky eaters, crazy schedules and a grocery budget. 

I teach the arsenal of strategies I've perfected over the years to save my family thousands on groceries, and make it possible for me to cook real food at home, consistently.


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